Over the last few months, I have written several articles for the Norfolk Tech Journal. 

In late February, I attended the Norfolk Developers Conference (NorDevCon) at the King’s Centre, along with 2 colleagues from my team. It was the first tech conference I’ve ever attended, and I found it very interesting and feel that I learnt a lot.

The sessions I attended were as follows: Software Apprenticeships (opening keynote), Continuous Delivery at 7-Digital, Pulp Prototyping, Building Next Gen Enterprise Mobile Applications, Applied API Design, The World Needs Open Source, Abusing C# and Building SOLID Foundations (closing keynote).

I also attended the pre-conference meetup on the eve of the conference, which included talks about Java 8, Groovy and Systems Thinking. I made a lot of notes at these events and I also wrote a couple of reviews for the Norfolk Tech Journal. My review of the pre-conference meetup was published in Issue 6 of the Norfolk Tech Journal and also on the journal’s website at

My review of “The World Needs Open Source” talk by Ruth Cheesley appeared in Issue 7:

Other articles I’ve had published in the Norfolk Tech Journal include:

In February 2015, I had my first article published on the website.  This is an article I wrote about my experience participating in the 24 Pull Requests challenge on GitHub in December 2014.  I originally published the article on my personal blog, where it was discovered by one of the editors from, who requested permission to republish it as part of their “Beginners to Open Source” series.